Tuesday, August 06, 2013

All Change.

Yes, I know I missed the 'annual deadline' for keeping this kind-of up to date, but, well, I've been dead busy.

Busy doing all kinds of stuff, but unusually for me, all of it legal, ethical and moral.

So, what news, Wardo?


I've got another couple of Bang & Olufsen hi-fi's to add to the collection.

I kind of splashed out and bought a Beocenter 5000, then bought the remote for it from someone else.

Now, the 5000 with the Wharfedale speakers is truly frightening!


Er...  Then, I went and got myself a Beosound Century for the bedroom.  This is a wall-mounting unit with speakers either side of a radio, CD and tape player.

Anyway, I'm fully 'B&O'ed Up' now.  No more.  I promise.

Other news?


Big News is that I plan to go formally, 'properly' self-employed next January.

There'll be more news and views in the coming weeks and months.

Kepp this frequency clear!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Bang & Olufsen update.

Yes, yes, I know its not been 12 months, but I just had to share.

The new B&O hi-fi is an absolute babe!

Now 99% fixed (...there is a slight dry joint on one side still...), so I invested in a pair of brand new Wharfedale Diamond 9.1 speakers.  ...And the result?


I really think these older B&O's sound much better than the modern ones (...and I'm going to get geeky here...) because they use discrete transistor outputs rather than the modern way of just whacking in a ready-made Japanese one-chip amplifier.

The Beocenter 9000 I had for many years (...until a thieving landlord stole it...) used the modern SDK... devices, and sounded, well, Japanese.  Too much 'tizz' and with horrible mid-range phase distortion.

This Beocenter 1900 (Built in 1981, I think) sounds much better.


And the cat seems to like it anyway.

And there's no problem with the new-found fingernails as there are no buttons or knobs on it.

So, its connected to the computer (obviously) and I can listen to 'Groove Salad' on SomaFM via the Internet whilst happily coding away.

Now I just need to find a coffee percolator and donut maker powered by USB...

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Onwards & upwards

...And another 365 days flies past!

So, whats been happening?

In a word: Lots.

For the official story, then check out LEAF Sheffield (...see link below...).

For the unofficial story, then I'm afraid you're going to have to get to know me better than this.

You're going to have to go out of your way to buy me a coffee, and be prepared to sit through quite frankly unbelievable tales of fun and frolics.

But then, why should you want to?

So lets just leave it there, eh?

Gone are the days of high madness, then coming straight back here to tell the world about it.

I'm enjoying a quiet retirement.

But a very quick potted history of the last 12 months?  Here goes...

My cat, Alfie, is still a rat, and all the more beautiful because of it. He loves his dad, and that's the main thing.

I have a 'new' Bang & Olufsen Hi-Fi (!) It's an old Beocenter 1900 I picked up from eBay for a ridiculously paltry sum.  It wasn't working when it arrived (...hence the paltry sum), but I'm resurrecting it gradually.

A very enjoyable job that keeps me off the streets at night.

I have my own allotment over at the same site as LEAF. It's all planted up, but I need to get down there pretty soon because of the weeds threatening everything.

My alcohol intake has dwindled down to nothing. ...Completely dry for the last three months exactly.

And finally, I don't know quite why this has happened, but I appear to have stopped biting my finger nails.

Minor in the whole scheme of things, but when you consider I'd bitten them for forty years, you've just got to ask yourself; 'Why now??'

Bizarre, but there we go.

Anyway, I'd better get off.

I'll maybe check back with you in, say, a years time?

Friday, July 01, 2011

One year and one day...

Since I last posted! And boy has a lot happened since then! Anyway, I'm still toying with the idea of resurrecting this Blog and posting to it on a regular basis. Shall I or shan't I? Well, Dear Reader... ...you'll have to wait and see!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Whoops! Where did he go?

You may have realised, Dear Reader, that this Blog is no longer being updated.


Well, there's much more exciting stuff happening over at LEAF Sheffield right now, that I neither have the time nor energy for all that introspection stuff.

Okay, I've written their whole site -structure and the vast majority of the content, and keep it updated as much as I'm able, but it has the added advantage that I can't put exactly what may be going through my head at any given time because I'm not just writing for me -as the Blog is/was.

So, if you want a giggle or two, if you want to keep up with the antics of the Allotment Cat, Mitzi, see all the photos of our plots, and well, just join the gang, then it's definitely the place to be.

Who knows, you may feel you want to contribute in some way -and I don't mean financial, silly!

See you 'Over The Other Side'!